FAQ & Caring for Your Baubles

It is best to care for your baubles as you would any other jewelry. Avoid direct contact with harsh cleaners, alcohol, sunscreen, perfume, and anything else that might damage the finish. We do not recommend sleeping or sweating a lot in you bricks & baubles jewelry because that can shorten the life of a piece- as a southern girl, I know sometimes that is unavoidable, so before storing the piece, you should always wipe down with a soft cloth

 or polishing cloth.

Cotton pad with essential oils should be removed from the necklace daily as some oils are harsh on the metal and may cause a patina inside the locket over time.


Remember, these lengths are on a plain chain, adding a floating stone or pendant may make the necklaces seem longer than this diagram. 


What is the difference between gold-filled and gold-plated? 

 Gold-plated jewelry has a smaller percentage of gold and goes through a different manufacturing process than gold-filled jewelry. To create gold-plated jewelry, a base metal goes through a series of processes and is eventually dipped into a bath of electroplating solution which contains gold. When an electric current is applied, an electrochemical reaction occurs and a thin layer of gold is deposited onto the metal. This layer is much thinner than the coating of gold that covers gold-filled jewelry, which goes through a process of mechanically bonding and heating the gold to the base metal. 

While gold-filled components must include gold that is at least 1/20th the weight of the entire piece, gold-plated components can have gold that only makes up a very tiny percentage. As such, gold-plated jewelry items are more prone to tarnishing as well as having the thin layer of gold eventually rubbing off than similar products made from gold-filled. Because of the lower gold content, gold-plated items are generally less expensive than similar gold-filled products. If you plan to wear the piece often, gold-filled is more desireable because it will maintain it's gold color longer. 

How many drops of oil should I use?

1-2 drops of oil on the cotton depending on the strenth of the aroma, and your personal preference. 


How long will the Aroma last?

The oil aroma should last one- three days, but the aroma may become more subtle as the oil diffuses. Do not leave your oil saturated cotton in the locket for more than a three days- in some cases this will result in tarnishing the metal or damage of the locket.

 WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY ORDER  Most orders ship in 1-2 business days using 2 day shipping. Personalized items may take up to 5 days, and filigree monograms take 14 business days for production. Filigree monograms are sent next day upon request. If you order personalized & handmade items on the same order, I usually hold the order and ship it all at once. If you would prefer to have your handmade jewelry sent immediately- please email me though our contacts form. 


Not 100% satisfied with your bricks&baubles piece? No worries. Just contact us within 7 days of receiving it and we will gladly send you a return label at no cost and give you a full refund. 

Returns and exchanges 7-30 days after purchase and we will glad to send you a return shipping label and set up an exchange or give you store credit. We can send you a return label for $2.60 that will be deducted from your store credit, or you can ship it back to us at your cost. If you choose to pay for your own return shipping, make sure to pay for tracking, as we are not responsible for lost packages. happens. We pride ourselves in our quality, but we know that sometimes our necklaces aren't ready for everything life throws at them. We assume you have handled your bricks&baubles piece with care and would be glad to make the repairs free of charge for up to 90 days after you receive it.  Just send us a pic of the damage, and we'll send you a paid return label. But don't worry- even if it has been more than 90 days, We will gladly make repairs as long as we are able, as long as you cover the shipping.