About Ashley

I studied Jewelry Design in Florence, Italy during college. I graduated from Auburn University with an Art Degree, where I met my husband, Billy, 12 days before graduation. In 2011, after giving up my dream position as an art teacher in Atlanta to get married and relocate to Alabama, I started Bricks & Baubles, as a home styling business and blog. After spending years creating a stylish home for my family, clients, and most of my friends, I made the hard decision to take a year off when I had my son. In 2014, itching for a creative outlet, I chose to change directions with bricks & baubles and dive back into that old passion from college of jewelry making and design. My love of home decor has not been quieted, so we are excited to be expanding into handmade home decor in 2016.

Our mission statement is “Live beautifully, give generously.”
My Nanny always said pretty is as pretty does, so to me living beautifully is not only about your personal style, but how you are spreading kindness and positively affecting people around you. One way to positively affect those around us is to give generously back to our community and to the Alzheimer’s Association.

My jewelry is inspired by my love of glitz, sparkle, and the gorgeous beauty found in nature. Most pieces are handmade, and all designed & curated by me, in Alabama. All of the pieces with rocks or stones are one of a kind.

Oh, and guess what else- Shipping is Free! That's right, now go pick out your new favorite accessory.