Friday, September 21, 2012

Nice to Meet You Link Up #2

Oh I am so glad you stopped by. The Nice to Meet You Gang is linking up today with the question: 
What are your favorite things you have made. 
 See the room reveal here.
 Tie- Dye Salted Caramel Cake recipe here
 collage + painting + drawing... this series was inspired by vintage advertisements, which are facinating to me. Their bright colors adorn the walls of my kitchen. 
The street lamp was my first oil painting. These are the street lamps in downtown Auburn. 
My daddy proudly displays the second painting in his office. When people offer to buy it, he says it cost him $90,000 (out of state tuition at Auburn for my 3.5 years.)
It is way more fun if you play along too. You have all weekend to link-up, so don't panic. 
1. If you are a blogger all you have to do is write a post with 6 pictures of things you have made (craft, food, children.... or anything great you have done and want to share.) Please post the  Nice to Meet You button in your post. 
If you are a Pinterester you can make a pinterest board of things you have made, and link it up.
OR you can just list your things, share links in the comments section.
Nice To Meet You
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2. Follow 4 new hostesses that you don't already follow.
3. There will be winners! Each of the hostesses will select one blog who linked up that we were so glad to meet, and award the


  1. I loove vintage ads too- I have 2 books of just advertisements of the 50s and 60s. You're a very talented artist :)

    1. Are they hot pink? I have some hot pink ones, too!

  2. Love your paintings, and love the room for the 15 year old girl- that must have been a blast!

  3. your paintings are beautiful! and that tie-dye salted caramel cake sounds delicious… i may have to try my baking hand at that particular recipe! ;)

  4. I didn't realize you were a painter - very cool! And of course, I loved the vintage room you styled.

  5. That tie-dye cake is so cool! I'm going to have to try that for one of my little one's birthdays some year.

  6. That room was gorgeous!!! You are so creative in so many fields, wonderful stuff

  7. I loved all of your projects, but that painting for your dad (and his story about it) are just too cool!

  8. Love your stuff! I especially love you collages!!! Nice to meet you!

  9. Love your art! I've never really worked with oils, well, just oil pastels. It was lovely to meet you.
    Freya May

  10. I'm a sucker for pretty cakes, so I love your tie dyed cake! I've made layers of rainbow cake before, but never tie dye! Wonderful! Nice to meet you!


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