Friday, September 28, 2012

Mug Swap!!

In the beginning of the month I signed up for a mug swap, on a whim. The mug swap was hosted by Britt from Yellow Umbrella and Dalayne from Pointing Up
Coffee Mug Swap
This week I was so excited to receive this adorable Bricks and Baubles mug from my secret swapper (who didn't tell me what blog she writes!! If your reading this, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!) 
It is SO cute! And so special!! I love that it has pink insides. 
I just love blog merchandise. It makes me feel big time. 
Plus, my coffee tastes better in this mug!!


  1. That's such an awesome Idea! Andhow cute is your own mug :-). Love it.
    Freya May

  2. Wow! That is seriously the best mug ever. Your swap partner did an amazing job! Dalayne should know what blog she writes...she has the list. Thanks for joining the swap!

  3. So cute! I bought myself a Design Improvised mouse pad to make me feel big time. ;) I would love a coffee cup to go with it!


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