Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crafty Style

 Last night was the first meeting of my Crafty Collegiate Bible Study. We craft around the dining room table and in the living room, so I decided this season's dining room style would be crafty.
 Every week is like a craft party. 

 We made these cute bracelets!
 Oh and I made some coffee, and left the coffee pot on the stove, but accidentally turned the eye on... whoops!
I guess I will be shopping for a new eye today. 


  1. Oh no! :/ poor coffee pot... Hope you have some eye-shopping success!
    And, in other news, I love love love that groovy jar-full-of-ribbon! I have a lolly-jar style glass container I've been needing an idea for... that might just be it!

  2. Really? Girl, why did you do that? Your coffee maker fits perfectly in it's home.....Pap said he's glad you didn't burn down the house.


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