Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Over the Window Drying Rack

My mom needed a solution for extra drying space in her laundry room. She hangs almost all of her clothes to dry, to keep the colors true and prevent shrinkage. She repurposed this Ikea Grundtal Kitchen shelf in her laundry room as an over the window drying rack. This would also work over a doorway. The multiple bars give you the option of hanging clothes in layers.

The rack also comes with these great little S hooks. These hooks work great for hanging bathing suits, bras, and hosiery. 
The also added curtain rods across the window for another narrow layer of clothes. If you prefer to use your drying rack to drape clothes, you could add another grundtal half way down (but you would not be able to hang long dresses or jeans. )
I also wanted to show you the doggie door my dad built in the laundry room. Their laundry room shares a wall with the garage, so my dad cut a hole through the wall so that the dogs could access the garage.
I painted this cute little doghouse on the wall when I was in middle school. 


  1. Your mom is a genius, I love the drying rack over the window idea! I have one of those annoying wood ones you have to constantly put up and take down every time I do laundry.

  2. That really is pretty genius! We still need to add all our cabinetry and stuff to our laundry room so I need to remember this. Love the doggie door too. :)

  3. Such a great idea! LOVE! I hang almost everything and the rack is so big and takes up so much room! Love this space saving tip!
    Oh and your blog design is gorgeous!


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