About Ashley

I am an artist who studied Jewelry Design in Florence, Italy while studying abroad during College. I graduated from Auburn University with an Art Degree, where I met my husband, Billy. I am also a stay-at-home mom to my son Tripp.

In 2011 after relocating and giving up my dream position as an art teacher in Atlanta, I started Bricks & Baubles, as a Stylish Homemaking blog on the heels of buying our first home. (If you are interested, you can check out my blog archive here.) After spending years creating a safe and stylish home for my family, I was introduced to essential oils and fell in LOVE. I use them to maintain a healthy family, and a clean home environment, but one of my favorite things is diffusing essential oils in her home to influence her mood. The only problem was needing those aromatic benefits of essential oils when I am sitting in traffic, waiting in line, or many of the other hard and frustrating parts of life that don't happen within the range of my home diffuser. So this line of essential jewelry was born. Stylish diffuser jewelry that will go with your favorite look.

Now, many of my friends aren't into essential oils, but still loved the look of my jewelry, so I decided to expand into other jewelery, for everyone. Many of these pieces are created using reclaimed, or vintage jewelry pieces and elements providing an even more unique piece. My jewelry is inspired by my love of glitz, sparkle, and the gorgeous beauty found in nature.  Most of my pieces can be personalized at no additional cost- just contact me, and I will let you know! 

Oh, and guess what else- Shipping is Free! That's right, now go pick out your new favorite accessory.